About Us

Zounds Westford offers free hearing exams with a passion to deliver excellent service and education. We build life-long relationships to improve the lifestyles of people with hearing loss. We serve the communities of central Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire. Visit our “Areas We Servepage to see where our customers are coming from, then visit our “Testimonials page to read what they are saying about us.

Better hearing health is critical to your overall well-being. Don’t be left out of the conversation. Your hearing is fine. But…have you had it checked?                                

  • Hearing exams are always FREE
  • Rechargeable batteries are FREE for the life of your hearing aids
  • Patented technology includes 90% noise reduction and excellent sound quality
  • Direct to market distribution results in better hearing aid prices
  • Zounds Hearing of Westford provides the “ BEST SERVICE” in the area. Come visit us to hear and see why “Hearing Better is Living Better”


Meet Your Zounds Westford Team



Free hearing tests, caring service

Dorothy Potts, Hearing Instrument Specialist
Dorothy has a passion for helping people and has worked in the medical field for nearly 20 years, including 8 years in the hearing industry. Providing superior customer service to each patient and educating them about Better Hearing Health is a top priority. Educating individuals with hearing loss about the consequences of letting their loss go untreated leads them to make the choice of enhancing their lives and the lives of those around them. She is happy to be able to enhance the lives of people with hearing loss by providing excellent technology at affordable prices. Dorothy and her husband have 3 grown children and one granddaughter that she FaceTimes every chance she gets. They have lived in Southern New Hampshire for 28 years.



Passionate customer service

Elizabeth Sullivan, Zounds of Westford Office Manager
Elizabeth, known as Liz to most, is a Massachusetts Licensed Optician and has more than 20 years of practice in customer health related services. Liz is passionate about consumer education and has worked closely with clients to support and improve their quality of life. Her wish is to combine her knowledge and experience to help increase Hearing Health Awareness throughout our community. Liz has been a stay home mom for the past 3 years and is excited to be back in an office setting. She lives in Pepperell with her husband Sean, their three children Erinn, Brenden, Nina and her 83 year old mother Nina.




Best hearing aid prices

Troy Roberts, Zounds franchise owner
Troy, a central Massachusetts native, is a healthcare professional with over 25 years of experience. He is a versatile manager and has made significant contributions managing businesses, developing medical devices, performing new market evaluations, and strategic planning. His creativity and engineering acumen is demonstrated by 13 patents. Troy is an entrepreneur at heart and Zounds of Westford is providing an opportunity to build a new venture while also giving back to the community. He truly believes that Zounds offers the best value on the market and that the Zounds of Westford team can not be matched. When he is not working with the Zounds team he can often be seen getting social media lessons from his kids.



bio_sam_thomassonZounds was founded by Sam Thomasson
Engineer and entrepreneur who has spent his career developing new technologies. Sam is also the father of a hearing-impaired daughter and has witnessed the problems associated with today’s hearing aids. Sam promised his daughter that he would develop a hearing aid to address the key problems common with other high-end hearing aids. Zounds’ breakthrough technology is the fulfillment of a father’s promise to his daughter and the solution for dissatisfied hearing aid users around the world. Zounds utilizes patents for low power usage algorithms that dramatically improved voice and sound quality. Zounds’ goal is to offer a portfolio of hearing aids and wireless devices that provide the world’s best performing technology at an affordable price to anyone with a mild, moderate, or moderate/severe hearing loss.

Our long-term customers often ask about Kate, and want to know how she is doing. The little girl who inspired the Zounds revolution is now a degreed electrical engineering. Inspired by her father, she wants to follow in his footsteps by helping others through technology. Kate has worked with the Zounds team on new technologies that she will someday benefit from herself.