Hearing Aid Costs

You probably have a lot of questions about the price of hearing aids. This page will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about hearing aid costs.

Will my insurance cover my hearing aid costs?

The short answer is maybe. The longer answer is that some insurance companies do and some don’t. It depends on your insurance company and your coverage. Our insurance specialist will assist you with navigating the insurance forms.

Are my hearing aids covered by a warranty?

The Imprezo, Clareza and Potenz hearing systems all feature a 2-year warranty. The Riazo product line features a 1-year warranty.

What does a pair of Zounds hearing aids cost?

Several factors go into determining hearing aid costs including the technical features of each aid. Zounds Hearing Aids range in price to meet every need.

Does Medicare cover hearing aids and hearing tests?

Medicare, the federal health insurance program that covers people 65 years or older, doesn’t cover routine hearing tests, exams for fitting hearing aids or the hearing aids themselves. Zounds Hearing of Westford never charges a fee for hearing tests or for follow-up appointments for adjustments to your aids. Additionally, Zounds Hearing keeps the hearing aid prices affordable with our manufacturer-direct pricing.

How much will I spend on batteries for my hearing aids each year?

In the case of Zounds Hearing Aids, it depends on the product. Many Zounds Hearing devices, including the Imprezo and Clareza digital hearing systems,  feature a rechargeable battery and come with the Global Engergy Charging Station. This means that all you have to do with your Zounds Hearing Aids is drop them into the charging station at night and wake up to a full battery charge in the morning. Therefore, the battery cost for those is zero. Replacements are always free. Not to mention the time and aggravation saved from not having to change the batteries frequently!

Zounds Hearing does offer non-rechargeable aids, such as the Riazo line of products. Battery life depends on many factors, including your prescribed amplification level and your use profile.

What makes hearing aids more or less expensive?

Zounds Hearing Aids use revolutionary feedback cancellation technology combined with different fitting tip options that allow us to create personal fit without the need to make a custom hearing aid. All Zounds products are designed and manufactured in-house allowing us to avoid expensive 3rd party mark-ups. We then pass on the savings to our customers by selling our hearing systems at manufacturer-direct pricing through our franchise and corporate hearing aid stores. This results in a big competitive advantage for us and significantly better value for you.

How much does it cost to make adjustments to my hearing aids?

Follow-up visits and adjustments are always free at Zounds Hearing of Westford, for the life of you hearing aids.