Your Free Hearing Test

What happens during a free hearing test or hearing exam?hearing test

At Zounds of Westford, our Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialists (BC-HISs) conduct a full audiometric exam to determine the degree and specificity of your hearing loss. Your free hearing test is actually comprised of several different “tests” including an otoscopic exam and a familiar voice test.  Once the testing is completed, our Hearing Specialists are then able to make a personalized recommendation that will be uniquely suited to your particular hearing loss. Hearing tests at Zounds Hearing of Westford are always free so there is absolutely no cost risk to the client.

What is a hearing screening? What is involved in a hearing screening procedure?

A hearing screening (or hearing screening test) is a simple way to find out if someone might need to have a more thorough hearing test or exam.  Usually a hearing screening involves a pure-tone test which determines the faintest tones that a person can hear at selected pitches, also known as frequencies. If a person is unable to hear the pitches, it doesn’t necessarily mean that there is a hearing loss, just that the individual might need to do a more thorough hearing testing.

How often should I have my ears tested? What frequency do you recommend ear testing?

Zounds Hearing of Westford recommends having your ears tested once a year, particularly if you are over the age of 50 or work in a high hearing loss work environment, such as a fire fighter, police officer, factory worker or if you are around large farm or factory equipment. You should also get your free hearing test if you feel that you are missing parts of the conversation or if people are complaining that the TV is too loud, even if you are under the age of 50. With the growing rate of hearing loss in teens, it’s not a bad idea to plan on having those ears checked one a year just like you do your eyes!  Zounds Hearing of Westford always provides free hearing tests, so cost is not a factor. Take care of your ears now and they will take care of you later!

Is a free hearing test from Zounds Westford the same as hearing loss testing from my physician or an audiologist?

Massachusetts requires licensing for all professionals who dispense hearing aids. This means the Hearing Instrument Specialist conducting your hearing test is qualified to deliver the examination and assist you in helping to choose a hearing device that will best allow you to address your unique hearing situation. While many physicians may provide hearing screenings, many do not provide full audiometric exams.

What do I need to do to prepare for my free hearing test?

There is nothing that you need to do in preparation for your free hearing test. The only thing that we suggest is that you bring a person with whom you are familiar (your spouse, your son/daughter, a close friend) with you to the examination. This will allow you to have the benefit of the familiar voice test. The Familiar Voice Test uses a proven method to test your hearing loss using a voice that is familiar to you.

What is an otoscopic exam?

An otoscopic exam involves a visual examination of the ear. An otoscope is used to view the ear canal on a computer screen. You will be able to see what the examiner is seeing. This is preformed to make sure that nothing is blocking the canal, such as ear wax, and causing your loss of hearing integrity.


If interested in learning more about hearing health and hearing loss, The Better Hearing Institute is a great source of information.