Rechargeable Zounds Clareza Hearing Aids

Fitting Range:

The Clareza is appropriate for moderate to severe hearing losses.

Product Features
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Clareza’s Noise Cancellation2™ utilizes a matched pair of microphones to form a null towards the rear of the wearer’s head, so that the ambient noise is reduced by up to 90%. This forms a focused cone of listening towards the front of the patient. Next, a null steering mechanism orients the area of greatest noise suppression in the direction of the strongest noise resulting in even better clarity.
Put feedback on hold with Zounds’ dynamic feedback cancellation technology. Usinga digital filter, the Clareza can predict and eliminate feedback.
Clareza wearers benefit from a Shock Sound Suppression system that minimizes the impact of transient sharp sounds, like car doors being closed.
The Clareza features a superior ability to determine and adapt the auditory environment. Ambient sound pressure is monitored and used to adjust the aid’s noise cancellation technology when in a noisy environment.
Clareza offers you control at your fingertips with its Empower Remote Control. Four distinct programs – Dining Mode, Party Mode, Music Mode and Quiet Mode settings – allow you to fine tune your listening experience, depending upon your changing environment. Bass, Treble and Volume settings are also adjustable. Settings are individually programmed to the wearer’s needs by Zounds’ hearing professionals. Take control over your listening experience!
The convenience of Zounds’ GlobalEnergyTM Charging Station frees you from ever buying hearing aid batteries again! Simply drop the hearing aids and remote into the charger at bedtime and wake up to fully charged hearing aids. The Clareza’s batteries hold a 16 hour charge after eight hours in the charging station.