Zounds Riazo Hearing Aids

Fitting Range:

Moderate hearing loss.

Product Features
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Riazo’s Noise Cancellation™ utilizes a matched pair of microphones to form a null towards the rear of the wearer’s head, so that the ambient noise is reduced by up to 90%. This forms a focused cone of listening towards the front of the patient. Enjoy conversations again – even in a noisy environment.
Put feedback on hold with Zounds’ dynamic feedback cancellation technology. Using a digital filter, the Riazo can predict and eliminate feedback.
Riazo wearers benefit from a Shock Sound Suppression system that minimizes the impact of transient sharp sounds, like car doors being closed.
The Riazo features a superior ability to determine and adapt to the auditory environment. Ambient sound pressure is monitored and used to adjust the aid’s noise cancellation technology when in a noisy environment.