Zounds Westford Offers Free Hearing Clinic at Littleton Council On Aging

Deep down we all know we shouldn’t crank up the music, or listen to headphones and earbuds with the volume really high….but we still do ! And if you’ve ever wondered if the years of hard rock have done any damage, here is a way to find out.

Over time what’s known as hair cells in your ears are slowly damaged by constant use – we don’t have ear lids, so our ears are always “on”. And it’s not just loud music but everyday wear and tear that cause damage, too. The hair cells closest to your ear canal are the ones responsible for detecting higher frequencies and they are usually the first to go. So, you can get an approximation of hearing loss by listening to various high frequencies.

Zounds Hearing of Westford Offers a Free Hearing Clinic at Littleton Council on Aging on Tuesday June 2nd between 10 and 11:30 to conduct free hearing screenings. This free screening will give you the opportunity to do an initial check on your hearing. No appointment is needed – the screenings will be held in Room 233 of the Littleton TownHouse. Call Littleton’s Elder and Human Services at 978-540-2470 for more information.Zounds is offering free hearing exams because they have a passion to deliver excellent service and education and they wish to improve the lives of people who are affected by hearing loss.

Wishing you wellness ~
Littleton COA